Cardas Clear M Power Cable

Cam -- Thu, 08/11/2011 - 05:18

Hi Folks,

There's not been a lot of information available about this relatively new power cable from Cardas so I thought I'd start a thread where we can share information and experiences about this new cord.

Here's the information I've been able to gather to date:

The description from the Cardas website is as follows:

The latest state of the art power cable from Cardas provides broadband filtering on all three legs through a hybrid process that incorporates a tuned toroidal filter and a multipath canceling conductors in a flexible low resistance package.

Brian from Cardas has told me that they don't have a lot of information available about the cord but what he could tell me was the following:

- the "M" stands for medium and that it is specifically designed for front end source components, pre-amplifiers and all but very high powered amplifiers
- Cardas is currently testing a Clear Beyond Power cable for high powered amps that will hopefully be available January 2012
- The Clear M Power represents Cardas' most advanced noise filtering technology
- The Clear M Power measures almost as well as the Golden Reference Power cable (which is a much thicker cable - undoubtably the Clear Beyond Power will replace the Golden Reference Power as the new Cardas top performer)
- Power conditioners that have demonstrated excellent results with the Clear M Power include PS Audio, Shunyata and Running Springs Audio (although there are many others that work very well)

There is a little more information that I found on AudioAdvisor:

The Clear M Power Cable is the latest state-of-the art AC power cord from Cardas. "It is a medium sized very flexible cord designed to provide smooth power and low noise floor on all three legs of power," George Cardas told us.

Clear M provides broadband filtering on all three legs through a hybrid process that incorporates a tuned toroidal filter and multipath-canceling conductors in a flexible low resistance package. This long-awaited power cord is best used on preamps, source components, and DACs.

"The Mirror of Clear Speaker Cable"

According to George Cardas, "Clear M power cable is in fact the mirror of Clear Speaker cable. Clear interconnects and speaker cables are designed to pass the smallest of changes unfettered by time smear, and this is accomplished by carefully matching the propagation constants of the cable.

"Clear power cables actually are designed to deliver smooth 60-cycle power while smoothing out the artifacts," George explained. "We achieve this in part by deliberately smoothing the power signal and muffling the noise circulating in the power system using a controlled mismatch of signal propagation. Essentially it is the same core knowledge that is found in Clear signal cables utilized in a manner appropriate to a power cable."

I'm currently trying out 2 Clear M Power cables in my system, one on my Marantz SA-11S1 SACD player and one on my Moon P-7 pre-amp. Both replaced an XLO Reference 3 power cable and feed into my power conditioner (formerly a Surgex, more recently a PS Audio Duet). I still use an XLO Reference 3 power cable for my Moon W-8 amp, which is plugged directly into the wall. All interconnects are Cardas Clear and speaker cables to my Revel Studio 2s are Cardas Golden Reference bi-wire.

With the Surgex power conditioner, my thoughts were that, compared to the XLO Reference 3, which was a poor match for the Surgex (together the Reference 3 and the Surgex rolled off the high frequencies way too much), the Clear M is more dynamic and much more open and clear in the high frequencies. Surprisingly, it also seems to increase bass extension at the same time. It seems to do a good job of cleaning up the sound and making the music really natural and organic without over/under emphasizing any frequencies. To me, I don't hear any of the "slowness" that people sometimes associate with Cardas cables but that's not surprising in the Clear line - which is designed to eliminate any time smear. Maybe the only shortfall of the Clear M Power is that it doesn't have that "inky black background" effect that some describe with other power cords. Switching out the Surgex for the PS Audio Duet, there was a significant improvement in soundstage depth and separation of instruments, a blacker background and more air and high frequency sparkle. Clarity, harmonics and decay also improved noticably. All of this contributed to making the music sound more "real", exciting and engaging. The only downside with the PS Audio is that it doesn't have the same fullness in the mid-bass that I was getting through the Surgex, but maybe that will come with break-in.

Would be interested to hear other's thoughts.


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