Burn in question.

Natas -- Wed, 12/31/2008 - 08:01

Do AVR's have a burn in period or break in period like speakers do? I've been curious about this and have heard both yes and no on other forums. I figured if anybody would have a straight answer, you guys would. BTW, I love reading TAS!! Keep up the great work and thanks in advance for all responses!

Steven Stone -- Wed, 12/31/2008 - 10:42

 It really depends on the particular piece of gear.
Some electronics have a break-in period when new. Most electronics have a warm-up period during which they will sound better once warm. Also most electronics will, if left unplugged for a block of time, require a break-in and warm-up to sound optimal again.

Steven Stone
Contributor to The Absolute Sound, EnjoytheMusic.com, Vintage Guitar Magazine, and other fine publications

Natas -- Wed, 12/31/2008 - 13:05

Thank you sir! That's what I wanted to know. I'm waiting on my new avr, a Pioneer VSX-1018AH-K, to arrive and was wondering if it would require said break-in. I guess I'll find out on Friday.  :)

Morris Barber (not verified) -- Tue, 03/16/2010 - 10:38

I would like to know the pros and cons when using an AVreceiver as a preamp would you recomend an audiophile power cord on this gear (Yamaha 2500receiver) (Rotel 1075 5ch power amp)?

Hal (not verified) -- Thu, 05/20/2010 - 17:57

As an Electrical/Electronics Engineer for 20 years, I am a total skeptic on the topic of specialized audiophile cords and cables. What can the cord change if it is well made (no shorts, no opens, no ground loops, reasonably uniform impedance, good connectors, and physical stability). These are reasonable expectations for a cord or cable that isn't from the 99 cent store. I would be more concerned with input power conditioning and isolation. The only cables that I would be concerned with are the preamp-amp signal input and output connections. Even these signals only require cables << $60. Anything more and you've been taken in my opinion. Your hearing is a logarithmic function by nature, so electronic fly specs won't be of note unless they get into the signal path prior to large amplification. The inputs/outputs are shielded to protect against this. My 2 cents.

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