Building 2-channel stereo system

Rand Philip -- Tue, 03/10/2009 - 20:48

    I'm wanting to build a new 2-channel system. I'm not the least bit interested in surround sound. I need advice on speaker matching to one of NAD's Intergrated Amps. I've actually read they are coming out with a new Intergrated Amp. I would like to know if either PSB's Image T65, or the Image series T loudpeakers would be a good match, and which would be better. I listen to Classic Rock Oh! Yea! Zeppelin!
Your response would be greatly appreciated!!

Mr Plus -- Fri, 03/13/2009 - 09:30

NAD is coming out with a new budget integrated amplifier (cannot say when yet, international roll-out times vary and I'd hate to hold NAD to the UK schedule if the US is a month earlier or later). Early reports suggest it's a real honey... I've not had a chance to play with one myself, but my spies (age-old journalist's trick; I got someone from a rival magazine very drunk) say it's probably going to be the amplifier to beat at the price.
The PSB speakers are not so well known here in the UK; they are available, but set against a market full of notionally home-grown brands it gets lost in a sea of B&Ws, KEFs and the rest, they don't feature very strongly. So, my all-too-brief exposure to the speakers should be taken as just that. From experience, the PSB are extremely sensitive, more than happy being driven from a budget integrated amplifier like the NAD. They have good bass, extended treble, but not the best mid-range around. With classic rock, this makes the drums and bass powerful and strong, while the treble makes guitar solos soar, but the vocals and guitar chords can get slightly lost in the mix.
We'd recommend a smaller two-way loudspeaker that delivers both less and more; less bass, but more vocal clarity. Coupled with a good pair of loudspeaker stands, I would recommend the Focal Chorus 807V because it's a good overall balance (for both big rooms and small) and great with low-to-middle end amps like the upcoming NAD.
Hope that helps...

Alan Sircom
Editor, Hi-Fi Plus Magazine
London, England
editor [at] hifiplus [dot] com

Rand Philip -- Fri, 03/13/2009 - 18:20

  Mr. Plus,
                   Thank you for responding. I had actually not even thought about these speakers. I will definitely take these into consideration. I went to the website to check the speakers out, and noticed these are bookshelf speakers. What is your opinion of maybe going with something like the Chorus 816V floorsatnding speakers? My sound system will be in the basement, which is 3/4 furnished and is roughly 12' x 30'

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