BluRay players with netflix -- Thu, 11/18/2010 - 13:10

Just wondering how many of you have a bluray player that can use netflix and how it works for you.  I have a Sony Bdp 470 with a wireless bridge attached to it to get the signal for the internet.  I was hoping that by buying the separate unit it would work better and have no lag like my phone that has almost no problem playing netflix.  I had heard the ones with built in wifi didn't work that well.  When it works the picture is great but when it doesn't it can sometimes pause the movie many times during play picture always looks good though.  Just looking for some ideas how to get it to stop pausing besidesof course connecting it to dired interet that is not posssible.  Also maybe you have a bluray player with the same options and your work better, let me know what you think.  Thanks. 

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