Blu-Ray connectivity to the internet

marty817 -- Sat, 08/15/2009 - 10:26

 I just purchased the Sony Blu-Ray player BDP-S560.  I thought spending the extra $100 or so to get a wireless-equipped unit was reasonable. But I have one question. What the hell do I do with that feature?  I managed to hook it up to my Mac-based wireless network just fine, but now what?
I saw a similarly priced Samsung wireless player that had the "Netflix" and "Pandora" monickers on the unit, and the salesman told me the Sony could also get these web-based services.  But how? There is no menu that helps me figure out exactly how to get any material over the internet.  I bought the unit hoping to receive 1080P Netflix movie content to pass through the BDPS560 to my 1080P TV. Am I waiting for Godot here? 

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