Best sounding file format on Sooloos

Cam -- Tue, 12/27/2011 - 20:37

 Not sure where to post this question but I'm wondering if anyone has experience listening to WAV, AIFF and Flac file formats on Sooloos systems and which file type the Sooloos plays best sonically?  Does Sooloos do as good a job with each of these as the others or does one sound better than the others when played by the Sooloos?  

Cam -- Sat, 12/31/2011 - 10:18

 Well, I've done some experimenting and spoken with some audiophile Sooloos reps and the answer is definitely wave files.  Actually, on the Sooloos and my Moon 650D, wave files are the best sounding with compressed flac files second best and aiff files the worst.  
I also found that the ripping program you use makes a difference.  Exact Audio Copy, with some considerable time to optimize the program for my PC laptop, is what Sooloos recommends for ripping and is also what the Sooloos uses for its native cd ripping (Sooloos creates flac files with its native ripping though, rather than wave).  I can say that wave files ripped from EAC sound a bit better on my Sooloos than wave files ripped by dBpoweramp.  Do they sound better enough to justify the 20+ minutes it takes for EAC to rip a cd vs. 3-5 minutes for dBpoweramp?  That I haven't decided yet.  I can say that I am now getting better sound out of EAC ripped wave files played by the Sooloos/Moon 650D than CDs played directly through the 650D.  Pretty cool!

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