Basis Inspiration

johnny p. -- Wed, 02/08/2012 - 03:17

In his review of the great Inspiration Turntable (and Air Tight cartridge), RH said the combination was the most "musically rewarding source (he's heard) in 22 years of reviewing".
I believe RH completely - but it seems a little strange to hear this after he praised Hi-Rez files (via the Berkeley Dac) as having "many qualities of a mike feed".  Maybe RH can clarify the difference between the Soolos-Meridian 808.3 (CD system), Hi-Rez and the Inspiration. The three best sources he's heard.
I know RH has been criticized for not mentioning state-of-the-art products he recently reviewed - seeming to "forget" the past. But here, it's important - what source gets us closest to a live mike-feed ? (with his type of music)

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