basic guide to in-room freq response measurements?

default -- Sun, 08/23/2009 - 18:07

 There appears to be general agreement among reviewers (including those at TAS) that everyone should know how their room influences frequency response. Yet I've never seen a good guide to doing basic measurements in a typical room. Anyone know of any good step-by-step guides based on reasonably inexpensive measurement equipment? 
And, while we're at it, we should all be moving beyond the Radio Shack SPL meter, right? It seems that a pretty good measurement rig could be built on the iPhone -- there are several good audio analysis apps out there. Might be a worthwhile article for TAS to pursue -- how to measure frequency response using an iPhone! Faber Acoustical appears to have some helpful information regarding iPhone response curves for its Sound Meter product. (not verified) -- Mon, 08/24/2009 - 06:07

Yes measurments while not the only thing to look at , it is very important to achive a good in-room response. First , start off with a decent measurement software like TrueRTA , you then need a good mic ( there are quite a few mics for around $125-$250 ). Then they need to be calibrated by a company or by a software update , then some softwares if not almost all need a calibration correction for the soundcard your using ( mine required huge adjustments ). Then just set-up at your listening postion and measure away!.

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