Audiophile Power Cords for Laptop PSU’s?

PhilCC -- Mon, 03/19/2012 - 14:02

This refers to Charles Zeilig’s recent Computer Music Audio Quality articles in TAS.
I’m trying some of his recommendations but I’m stuck on one and looking for advice.  He changed his desktop PC’s stock AC power cord for an audiophile AC power cord (PS Audio Statement, $500) and reported significantly improved sound quality.  I want to try a similar cord swap with my Hewlett Packard laptop. 
The problem is that typical audiophile power cords terminate with an IEC type C13 female coupler which can’t connect to typical laptop power supply units which have an incompatible IEC type C6 male coupler. The C6 mates to an IEC C5 female coupler. 
Does anyone know of audiophile power cords terminated with an IEC type C5 female coupler (nicknamed cloverleaf or Mickey Mouse because of its cross section silhouette) and who sells them?   Or, second best, is there some kind of converter plug on the market?
Any advice is much appreciated, thanks.

PhilCC -- Fri, 03/23/2012 - 15:03

Here's some info I hope may help others.  I found an adapter.  It's at Music Direct for $25 plus shipping and called Cloverleaf C5 to IEC adapter and Dedicated Audio is the manuf. 

Still interested to hear from anyone who has done this upgrade on their computer music server or knows of audiophile/upgrade power cords terminated with an IEC type C5 female coupler (nicknamed cloverleaf or Mickey Mouse because of its cross section silhouette) and who sells them.


dbro -- Sat, 03/24/2012 - 21:24

I've tried the same and gotten similar results with non-audio qualitative measures.  I used a PS Audio Statement power cord on my home PC and saw incredible differences.  When viewing family pictures the colors were more vivid.  Spreadsheet formulas were more complex and accurate - and when I viewed Word documents that I had written, the language was more eloquent. Simply amazing.
I'm next going to upgrade my SATA cables to get even better visual results.

bartman03 -- Tue, 03/27/2012 - 23:04

 HI Everybody :  cables & iec connectors etc /  If you have not disconnected every socket in your house with appliances/ radio/ tv's etc noise factor thru your home audio is seriously damaged audibly. Unless you have a seperate ac direct off the ac pole outside your house,condo etc do not get serious about your sound, Remember all in house wire run off the same line, you can use filter etc but the difference is slight,unless you have a DC circuit working then filters, trannie make a difference. Make your cable out of good quality copper from belkin or any other source, They will sound just as good as long as you SOLDER CORRECTLY. I MADE MY OWN for my equipt Pass labs thru-out,and have compared them with the best cables out there,they come SO close that the money i pocket I could buy more music to listen to,and is that not what it's all about MUSIC.// thanks and hope all of your systems sound great/dbb

PhilCC -- Wed, 03/28/2012 - 13:35

Hi bartman03

Interesting comment and it got me thinking about some questions I hope you might answer. How much does a "separate ac direct off the ac pole" cost to have installed? About the coupler you used to make your power cords - what brand/model, cost, and source? Can you easily tell a good cord solder job from a bad one, in other words, it either works or doesn't, that simple?


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