Audio Fidelity CD/ The Cars/Heartbeat City

rossop -- Wed, 04/15/2009 - 05:32

Yesterday I got the new Audio Fidelity CD of this great 1985 Cars album. I still spin my old scratched original vinyl every now and then because I like this record alot. Nothing could have prepared me for the outstanding sound of this CD. All the hype on the Acoustic Sounds web site is right on  and more!
Steve Hoffman and everyone who had anything to do with this release should stand up and take a bow. Its that good. If you like this album  you'd be crazy not to get it (and I suppose all the rest of the AF releases). I wish all  CDs sounded this good. If they did  vinyl may not be as strong as it (fortunately) is. Bravo Audio Fidelity!

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