anyone have recommendations for speakers, amp & surround

chris661 -- Tue, 09/09/2008 - 10:21

I am in the process of shopping around for a new AV equipment and would love the recommendations of experienced audiophiles. I have a room that's 25' x 15'. I currenly have a Hitachi 55" Plasma (only 1080i, will eventually upgrade), and a Denon DVD-1930CI (will eventually upgrade). I am looking to purchase a 5 speaker surround sound system, with sub-woofer, amplifier and surround sound processor that is capable of producing great video and audio for not only movies but also for listening to CD's. There are so many different manufacture's to choose from and it's a little overwhelming to try to select the best possible system for my budget. As far as the speakers are concerned I'm considering: 1. Paradigm's Signature Series, 2. PSB Synchrony Series, 3. B&W , 4. Revel, 5. Focal, 6. Sonus Faber, 7. Other recommendations? For the amplifier and pre-amp souround sound processor I am considering: 1. Anthem Statement series, P5 amp, D2 proseccor, 2. Anthem MCA 50 amp, AVM 50 processor, 3. Bryston 9B SST amp, SP 2 processor, 4. Krell, 5. Ayre, 6. Marantz, 7. Other recommendations? My maximum budget for the speakers, amp and processor are $20,000.00, although I'd would like be able to spend much less for a great system. Any advise or recommendations from experieced audiophiles would be greatly appreciated.

discman -- Tue, 09/09/2008 - 21:21

Check out some of the speakers here:

especially the Definitive Mythos. Be sure to consider subs in your calculation. JL and REL are especially worth evaluating.

Marantz has a new processor, with Audyssey room correction that is worth checking out. I would also look at Parasound amps, in addition to your list.

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