Anyone has experience with KAB Technics tables?

dobermann -- Sun, 07/31/2011 - 09:11

 Hi All
Ive been looking around for a good mid-priced table, and been recommended to save my money and get one of the modified Technics from KAB USA. -
A friend of mine, whjo had actually designed and built high end turntables actually changed his expensive set-up to this, including using the modified technics arms. He says its almost as good as tables costing even 10 times more and beyond. I have heard the table, and Im impressed. Plus the speed is very accurate, and you can get part for this table which will last you for years to come.
But I havent had the chance to compare it with most designs out there, like Clearaudio Innovaiton, Oracle Delphi, VPI and so forth.
Does anyone else have experience with this table, and any advise? Appeicate it
Raj, Singapore -- Tue, 09/06/2011 - 21:37

Hi Raj,
Yes. About a year ago I was playing a Nottingham Spacedeck with Ace Space Arm, using a Dynavector XV1s.  This replaced a Well Tempered record player.  Some friends in the industry loaned me a KAB modded Technics SL1200.  Much to my surprise, the sound was superior in every way; the music just flowed through.  I bought a KAB SL1200 and have lived happily ever since.
It certainly is not the best tt available.  I would trade in a heart beat for a Basis 2800.  But for the money, or three or four times the money, I would like to hear what would beat it.  I know the table/arm is not giving me the best from my cartridge; but again, how high would I have to go to notice the difference.
I have removed the stock feet, replaced with brass cones (BBC), and recently put it on a 4 inch maple block.  These have been positive changes, a little warmer, more resolution, slightly deeper, tighter bass.
I am happy just listening to music (rock, pop, jazz and classical).  Please email me if you have more questions.
P.S. I have a high res system, all current top of line pass labs and Ref 3A Grand Veenas connected with Audioquest silver in dedicated room. 


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