johnny p. -- Thu, 08/18/2011 - 13:26

This thread is a continuation of the Cambridge Mechatronics (above). The Cambridge turns out to be a version of Ambiophonics - a stereo correction scheme that cancels crosstalk between two loudspeakers. I'm sure many audiophiles have heard of Ambiophonics - but are not aware of its benefits. They may be very significant.
TacT has a processor for corner-woofer placement (reviewed by REG) and now has Ambiophonics on board. I would like REG (or someone else at TAS) to try to obtain a review sample. Why not inform audiophiles about this all-new exciting way to hear 2-channel recordings ? I say "new" because it's only in the last few years that Ambio has perfected its algorithms and (finally) has hardware support.
Yes, setup at home would be different - your speakers would now be close together - but so what ? The soundstage will be much wider than (any) high-end design can deliver. And sound quality itself takes an equally large leap in scale.
Can someone be open-minded about this ?

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