Amateur's question: opinion on "professional" acoustics: dynacord, KV2

a_d_a_m_s -- Sat, 02/18/2012 - 14:01

Dear Sirs,
Probably someone could provide an opinion on the quality of the sound systems generally used by DJs, live performances in small halls, such as Dynacord D-line 2000, KV2 EX6? Has anyone had any listening experience of these? How would you review it in comparison with comparable acoustic set (integrated amp + loudspeakers, 60 m2, 7-10K USD total price)?
Do you know why this type of sound system stay aside? Do they have something about their sound that makes them bad choice for home usage?
I consider these options as occasionally will have to move the sound and use it on openspaces which is easier with these compact transportable systems. But in terms of sound I believe there should be some reason why you keep this type of products out of consideration?
I apologize if my question is too obvious, I'm really new it this.
Thank you in advance for any opionion.
Best regards,

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