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Dear Mr. Harley
Thanks for your response.  I had originally intended on asking for your advice on power conditioners but my introduction ran so long that I felt enough was enough.  My humble system consist of  a NAD t765, a Sony bdp550, and a 5.1 array of PSB Image Series Speakers.  The B25’s up front, the C60 center, and the S50 surrounds.  I want to clean up the power coming to my family/media room as a dedicated circuit is not an option at this time.  Can you suggest a model that will provide me with clean regulated power conditioning? Up to a $1000.00 as a range.   I would like to know your opinion on adding NAD’s 5-channel amp t955 to my line up.  I was wondering if it would add anything to the sounds authority.  While I am typically satisfied with the sound I feel it is a little “held back”.  I am using cheap monster cable as speaker wire feeding front and center but wasn’t sure if that was really an issue.  I would also like to know what you feel about using the bdp550 as my music source.  Does the OPPO offer that much better sound than the Sony to justify that purchase.  Also can you make a speaker wire suggestion of a moderately priced fashion that might improve my sonics? 
Cory Andrews

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Dear Mr. Andrews:


Thank you so much for your wonderful letter. Although we review audio equipment, our real mission is to connect people with music. Thanks for letting us know that we've helped.


Best regards,


Robert Harley

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Mr Robert Harley,

I have been reading TAS now for about 3 years and find it to be an overall 
great publication for the Hi-Fi Enthusiast.  It took me a while to get over 
the dollar amounts that people are willing to spend for their puruit of 
"TAS"! Now that I am desensitized to the sticker shock I am able to see the 
review of such gear for what it is.  Not as a collection of superlatives that 
take a glossary to understand but as a way ,for me at least, to better 
understand what to look for in my own pursuit of "TAS".  Music has always 
been a huge part of my life.  I grew up in a home where every family member 
was a musical talent.  My Grandfather was a Baptist Preacher/Singer and he 
recorded at least 10 LP's over his years.  He played the Piano, Organ, Banjo, 
Harmonica, and I don't know if you have ever seen it but he even played a 
saw.  That's right I said saw as in cut wood with.  He could make that thing 
sing with a violin bow.  He encouraged all of us to sing or play instruments. 
  And we all do.  I am the least talanted musically probably because of my 
refusal to practice growing up.  But I have always had a tune in my head and 
chances are I sang it out loud....  As I am now 33 and growing my own family 
I want music to be a part of my kids lives.  TAS has introduced me to a way 
to enjoy music more fully and therefore more enjoyable to my whole family.  

Robert Harley -- Fri, 12/26/2008 - 15:53

For a power conditioner, the PS Audio line of conditioners is excellent in the price range you are looking at. They won The Absolute Sound's Product of the Year Award in the January, 2009 issue.
I assume that the NAD amplifier question involves using the T765 receiver as a controller, and adding the NAD power amplifier. That will certainly allow the system to play louder, and have more authority and greater dynamics.
I would definitely upgrade the interconnects and loudspeaker cable. Kimber's 4TC is an excellent and affordable cable.
We have not heard the Oppo Blu-ray player yet, although based on the company's previous efforts, it should be outstanding. We'll have a review as soon as one becomes available.
I hope this helps.

a_d_a_m_s -- Wed, 02/13/2013 - 14:59

Dear Robert,
After several years of preparations, readings, savings, etc. I'm finally stepping into the world of decent sound with PSB Image 5.1 Acoustics set. I have somewhat similar source to the abovementioned (ie Sony BDP-S300) and a Pioneer flat pannel, so what I'm missing is AV receiver and cables, right? Can I ask your advice for the best fitting options? I'm on a tight budget though so really looking for value :)
P.S. I enjoy alot your "guides to" which are a perfect digest for a newbee like me, though I have one humble proposition: if you could post in all guides the suggested best matching components to make a complete system in the price-range of the tested parts (or at least the ones that you used for review) it would be really a great help as it would save lots of time on system building for a newcomer like me. Or maybe you could make a dedicated guide to complete systems in all price range (both stereo and home theatre)? I'm sure it would be a huge success. But maybe there're reasons why it isn't possible of which I don't know. All the best for your in anyway!

a_d_a_m_s -- Wed, 02/13/2013 - 15:04

My PSB Image will consist of 4 x B4 Bookshelf + C4 Centre + SubSeries 125

a_d_a_m_s -- Wed, 02/13/2013 - 14:59


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