Advice on best amp for Esoteric MG20 speakers

dpod4 -- Thu, 01/27/2011 - 17:50

Thanks in advance for any input/impressions on this, and I will ultimately trust my ears, but looking to others with experience and first-hand listening can help me narrow my range of choices.
I love the MG20s.  Fast, coherent, transparent, great imaging and sound staging, etc.  I'm currently using a Simaudio i5.3 special edition integrated to drive the MG20s (from vinyl and digital sources).  I like the Simaudio house sound, but sense I'm not experiencing all these speakers have to offer, especially with dynamics and inner detail.  I like having an integrated but am willing to go to separates.  I can't listen (not all dealers in my area) to the various options but am wondering if anyone has counsel on a good pairing for the MG20s (I listen to jazz, vocals, classical, rock/pop).  Was considering:
- Esoteric a-100 amp which can be used direct or as integrated
- upgrading to Simaudio 600i or 700i
- Octave v80 with super black box
- Parasound JC 1 and JC 2
- Ear 890 with Simaudio i5.3 as preamp
- other integrated like the MBL 7008 or Pass Labs Int-150

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