7.1 channel analogue preamp advice

David Chromy -- Fri, 02/25/2011 - 13:46

 My first post on the site. I have been waiting patiently for 2 years for the Bryston SP3 preamp processor. I currently have the SP1.7 and love it except for the fact it does not have a 7.1 channel analogue input. My new source is the Marantz UD9004 which I use for video and SACD, CD, DVD Audio etc strictly through the analogue out. I replaced my CD, DVD, SACD, and blu ray player with the Marantz and could not be happier. I also run my VPI through an EAR and into the Bryston so really value a quality analogue pre amp.
Rather than wait for the SP3 or upgrade to the Classe SSP800 I would love to find an audiophile grade pre amp that has 7.1 channel analogue input. The AR MP1 would be great but it only has 5.1 channel input. When Bryston upgraded to the SP2 it would have been great if they would have added the extra 2 analogue channels instead of focussing only on the digital upgrade.
I looked at the Parasound JC 2 BP which would be perfect  because I could still use my SP1.7 for digital and bypass analogue through the JC 2, but it supports only 2 channel analogue sources. I looked at Conrad Johnson because they have some great pre amps with HT bypass but again only 2 channel.
I guess my ultimate question is is their a pre amp like the Audio Research MP1 that supports 7.1 channels?

JLeeMD -- Fri, 02/25/2011 - 18:02

Got the perfect product for you: Cary Audio Cinema 11a ($4k).  Michael Fremer raved about this product and opined that it was the ideal product to serve the dual role of AV processor and high end analog preamp. I've read alot of his reviews and he's usually quick to point out that while something is good for HT, it comes up short compared with high end 2-channel gear. He didn't make that qualification with the Cary. On the contrary, he went out of his way to commend its performance even compared with high end 2-channel gear.  And yes it has 7.1 analog inputs.

I have the same Bryston AV processor you have. I'm happy with 5.1 analog inputs but when I'm ready to "upgrade" the Cary is at the top of my list. I say "upgrade" because it is cheaper than the Bryston was 6-7 years ago. But I trust Fremer: he is picky and is willing to write bad reviews (i.e., read his review of the Bryston 7BSST...ouch!)

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