2-Channel Stereo

Muno -- Tue, 11/29/2011 - 20:27

 Hi I have a budget of $15,000 for a 2-Channel Setup complete with cables etc. Mostly Jazz & Classical. Recommendations, thoughts. 

Twochannelman (not verified) -- Fri, 04/13/2012 - 09:57

QTY. / Unit / Length / Unit / Brand / Model                   Description (basic)              Supplier (one of)               Audio Advisor SKU       MSRP EA       MSRP at QTY
2 EA N/A N/A       MIT                        Z Duplex Super    AC Outlet w/surge supp.     Audio Advisor                     MITZDUPSU                  $199.00         $398.00
2 EA 2.0 Meter    PS Audio             AC-5                       AC Power Cable                    Audio Advisor                     PSPWAC5 2                  $399.99         $$799.98
1 EA N/A N/A       Vincent Audio     CD-S7                    CD Player                               Audio Advisor                     VICDS7                           $2,299.95     $2,299.95
1 PR 1.0 Meter   Kimber Kable     KS 1030                 Analog Interconnect             Audio Advisor                     KKKS1030 1PRCRC   $2,330.00     $2,330.00
1 EA N/A N/A      Parasound          A21                         Stereo Amplifier                     Audio Advisor                     PAHA21                          $2,299.00     $2,299.00
1 PR 10 Feet     Kimber Kable     Monocle XL            Speaker Cable                      Kimber Kable                     N/A                                   $1,900.00     $1,900.00
4 PR N/A N/A     WBT                     WBT-0600              Gold palted terminals          Kimber Kable                     N/A                                   $40.00           $160
1 PR N/A N/A     Focal                   826W                       Speakers                                Auth. Dealer                        N/A                                   $3,700.00     $3,700.00
1 EA N/A N/A     VTI                        BL404-01               Amplifier Stand                       Racksandstands.com      VI1013                            $96.99           $96.99
1 EA N/A N/A     VTI                        BL404-03               Equipment Shelf                    Racksandstands.com      VI1008                             $119.99        $119.99
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Subtotal:       $14,103.91
                                                                                                                                                                                                         (assumed 6%) Sales Tax:    $846.23
(without any discounts or shipping or delivery / set up fees or any allowance for room acoustic treatments
of any kind to any extent which should be factored in if possible)                                                                                                                      Total:          $14,950.14
(sales tax may not apply to some items if you buy on line or out of state or in states with no sales tax: DE or TX)                                (% below budget: 0.3%)
General Notes: All components have 15A IEC connectors. The MIT AC outlet can handle 20A but is set up for 15A American style plugs. Kimber Kable can sell you the cables with ends directly or one of their authorized dealers can do it for you, although they will have Kimber do it for them and send the finished product back to them. (word for word from Nate Mansfield at Kimber)
I am not a dealer or rep. for Audio Advisor or any brand(s) listed here and I am not promoting or suggesting that you should purchase any of these components. I simply set up this as one possible arrangement for a budget of $15,000 with my preferences and priorities in mind and using readily available and reputable suppliers at full MSRP to keep the playing field level for a worst case scenario plan. I tried to copy paste this all in here from my formatted Excel spread sheet, but it would not work (or would not work well at least). I hope this helps to give you one idea.

Twochannelman (not verified) -- Fri, 04/13/2012 - 10:49

What are your preferences for any type of components (tube, solid state, hybrid) or (planar or ribbon or dynamic) or (integrated or a music server or separates or internet radio) and so on ?
Do you want a CD player or an XM satellite tuner or a turntable, etc. as the source, or a few sources ? (list your sources please)
What is your room size and shape and ceiling height ?
How much are you going to include in your budget for power conditioning "boxes" and power cables and AC outlets and surge / spike protection ?
How much are you going to include in your budget for room acoustic treatments ?
How much are you going to include in your budget for amplifier racks or equipment stands and vibration / noise isolation ?
Are you going to add any dedicated AC lines ? If so, how many and for which type(s) of component(s) ?
Do you have any preferences for any brand(s) of components (that offer gear within that budget), and if so, what are they ?

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