The Absolute Sound/Hi-Fi+ Guide to Cables, Power Products, Accessories, and Music 2011



The Absolute Sound/Hi-Fi+ Guide to Cables, Power Products, Accessories, and Music is designed specifically for music lovers who want to make good audio systems even better, or who want recommendations for great new music to enjoy.






The Guide includes:

Three essential background articles on audio cables:

o “How to Choose Cables and Interconnects”
o “What to Listen For in Cables and Interconnects”
o “Cable and Interconnect Glossary”

A look at twenty-eight up-to-the-minute new products arriving soon:

o “On the Horizon: Great New Cables and Accessories Coming Your Way”

Seventeen expert product reviews covering a total of forty (!) products:

o Cables & Interconnects: ten reviews covering eighteen products.
o Power Products: five reviews covering nineteen products.
o Accessories: two reviews covering three products.

Expert advice in the form of three Editors’ Choice articles:

o Editors’ Choice Awards: Cable and Interconnect
o Editors’ Choice Awards: Power Conditioners
o Editors’ Choice Awards: Accessories

Expert music recommendations and feature articles:

o “Ten Best New CDs of 2011”
o “Ten Best Reissues on CD”
o “Ten Best New Vinyl Releases”
o “Ten Best Reissues on Vinyl”
o “Resurrecting Musical Treasures”
o “New and Upcoming Reissues”
o “Download Round-Up”




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