The Absolute Sound Guide to High-Performance Loudspeakers 2012


The Absolute Sound Guide to High-Performance Loudspeakers is a comprehensive online buyer’s guide that helps audiophiles and music lovers choose among the latest high-performance stand-mounted, desktop, floorstanding, and “cost-no-object” loudspeakers.


This engaging Buyer’s Guide includes:


  • 20 TAS Buyer’s Guide picks of stand-mounted loudspeakers
  • 35 TAS Editors’ Choice selections of floor-standing loudspeakers from $5000 to $20,000
  • Over two-dozen expert reviews of high-performance loudspeakers
  • Robert Harley’s feature article “How to Choose a Loudspeaker”
  • Previews of more than a dozen high-performance loudspeakers about to be introduced


Note: Download may take up to several minutes to complete. Thanks for your patience.




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