Unboxing: Larger Amazon Kindle DX is Here

Posted by: Gadgetman at 3:03 pm, June 13th, 2009

The new, larger Amazon Kindle DX is in the lab, and I'll be testing it over the next few weeks. The idea behind the DX is that a larger screen is more suited to newspaper and magazine reading. The 9.7" screen on the DX has about twice the surface area as the standard Kindle screen, so Amazon has in fact made the screen much bigger. Whether that's a good thing remains to be seen.

Amazon may sell everthing from lipstick to chainsaws these days, but their roots are in books and music and it shows in some of the details like the outside of the shipping carton.

Apple has clearly influenced many firms to up their effort in packaging. Here is what you find when you open the box.

When you when you flip open the artful cover, the Kindle DX sits snuggly inside, with clear startup directions.

Here is everything that comes in the box, other than a few pages of directions. Note the very well done ac adapter, which embeds a USB AC/DC coverter/charger in the a two-prong plug that is about normal sized. In addition, because it is a USB-based system, you only need to carry one adapter for all your USB gear (assuming you can accept charging one device at a time).

Here is the Kindle DX next to a Kindle 1 (the Kindle 2 is about the same size as the Kindle 1).  Note that the screen is much bigger, but the total footprint isn't twice as big because of the new keyboard design.

 The Kindle DX can read PDF documents, as shown here with a PDF version of the latest HiFi+.

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