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Posted by: crobb at 6:06 am, May 15th, 2007

Manufacturers Visiting Reviewers

May 15 - Many manufacturers of high-end equipment choose to visit the reviewer to install and set-up the gear. This interaction gives the reviewer additional information and insight into the product's design, and let's the manufacturer hear the product in the reviewer's system.

The manufacturer can leave knowing that the product is performing as intended, and the reviewer can go about his job with the assurance that the review sample is working correctly.

A manufacturer visit is particularly wise in the case of loudspeakers, whose performance is so dependent on placement and associated equipment.

Note, however, that during manufacturer visits, information flows in only one directionâfrom the manufacturer to the reviewer. Reviewers are prohibited from offering any opinion about the product's performance.

The manufacturer's first inkling of the reviewer's opinion about the product is when the manufacturer receives an advance copy of the review for fact-checking and to offer a comment for publication in the same issue.

My next blog entry will describe some of these encounters, a few of which are humorous.

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