Paul Seydor's Initial "Best of Show" pics -- Part 2

Posted by: Paul Seydor at 10:10 am, January 7th, 2011

Quad, imported by Jeff Sigmund’s Taiga company, is always an oasis of musicality amid the general din of rooms that try to impress by pummeling you into submission with sheer loudness, and this year is no exception, with reproduction of nearly peerless neutrality, naturalness, and musicality (I’ve rarely heard Eva Cassidy’s lovely performance of Autumn Leaves reproduced more beautifully). As with the KingSound room, this is another easy and obvious candidate for “Best Sound,” and one I didn’t want to leave. Pride of place was occupied by the 2905 speakers (in the gorgeous “classic” finish), all tube Quad electronics, and a new turntable, the Merrill/Williams R.E.A.L., from the near legendary George Merrill. The acronym stands for “R.ubber E.lastomer A.coustic L.aminate,” in other words, the plinth itself is made from a rubber compound to absorb vibrations and resonances. Set up with an Ortofon arm and Cadenza Black pickup, the sound left little to be desired: clean, clear, and neutral. A review will be forthcoming (I believe by Jim Hannon).

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