Munich High End 2013 - Analogue Audio, Part 1 (Hi-Fi+)

Posted by: Chris Martens at 6:06 pm, May 31st, 2013


While many would say that ours is the age of high resolution digital audio the Munich High-End Show 2013 gave ample evidence that analogue audio and vinyl playback are not only alive and well, but thriving. As always, a number of very serious (and in many cases seriously expensive) turntables and tonearms debuted in Munich, along with associated electronics.

 One common theme involves pushing the limits of turntable construction, with ever more massive platter and plinths, superb main bearings, and exotic, ultra high-precision motors and motor control electronics. Another theme involves creation of increasingly exotic tonearms, many whose bearing surfaces feature almost unimaginably tight construction tolerances.

But one interesting development, in at least two cases we can think of, involves renewed interest in the concept of pivoting tangential tracking tonearms (think in terms of the late Garrard Zero-100 tonearm, but executed with true, aerospace grade precision). The point, we think, is that vinyl playback is enjoying a resurgence of enthusiast support as this year’s Munich product releases demonstrate.

We apologise in advance to any manufacturers whose products we may fail to mention here. Munich is a large show so that, perhaps inevitably, some new components may inadvertently be overlooked.

For the sake of simplicity, we present products in alphabetical order, organized by the names of their manufacturers.

Manufacturers covered in this report include: Acoustic Signature, Acoustical Systems, Audio Exklusiv, Bergmann, Clearaudio, Da Vinci, Dr. Feickert Analogue, EAT, Holborne, iFi, JR/Transrotor, and Kronos. 

Acoustic Signature

The German analogue specialist introduced two new turntables—the Triple XXX and entry-level Wow, a new clamping weight called the Load, and revised (and improved) version of the firm’s well-liked Challenger turntable. The new Challenger (€3,000) sports an all-new electronic speed control module that tucks neatly beneath the ‘table’s plinth for an elegant appearance.


Acoustical Systems

Acoustical Systems’ Axiom tonearm (€11,800) attracted a great deal of attention, as it promises to be one of the most precisely made gimbal-bearing-equipped tonearms yet made. Featuring an arm wand consisting of a carbon fibre inner tube within an outer titanium tube, with liquid damping material in the gap between, the Axiom leaves no stone unturned in its quest for higher performance. Of particular interest is a head shell made of 1773A aircraft aluminium, a tungsten counterweight, and frictionless magnetic tracking force and antiskating adjustments.


Audio Exklusiv

Though perhaps best known for its electrostatic speakers, Audio Exklusiv also offers a robust-looking turntable known simply as the Laufwerk Reference (€5,500). The version displayed at Munich featured a plinth made of Carrera marble.  



Bergmann is best known for its air-bearing equipped turntables, all of which are fitted with air-bearing-type radial tracking tonearms. Current models include the Magne (€8,600), the Sindre (€15,000), and the Sleipner (€34,000). For Munich, however, the firm announced that it will now offer a standalone version of the Magne’s radial tracking arm priced at €5,600, thus enabling owners of non-Bergmann ‘tables to try their hands at the tangential-tracking game.




Clearaudio released many new products at Munich that it is impossible for us to do justice to them in the space allotted. Hence, we must content ourselves with touching upon a few key highlights.

One such highlight would be the firm’s new Absolute Phono phonostage system (€9,000 - €9,900, depending on configuration), which essentially features an active tonearm system where part of the phonostage circuitry is housed in the tonearm head shell and part housed in a matching outboard chassis. Benefits are said to include a dramatic reduction in noise, as step-up gain—where needed—is applied directly at the head shell. Clearaudio points out that there is a 10% discount for customers who order the Absolute Phono system in conjunction with Clearaudio turntable/tonearm packages.

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