Apple Updates iPod Classic, Nano, Touch, and iTunes

Posted by: Seth Richards at 12:12 pm, September 12th, 2008

According to technology blog, in a Sept. 9 press event, Steve Jobs announced that Apple has updated iTunes, the iPod Classic, Nano, and Touch.

According to, the iPod Touch has received a thinner contoured steel exterior, volume controls on the side, built-in Nike + iPod software, and a host of supported games that take advantage of its multi-touch and accelerometer technology. The 8GB model costs $230; the 16GB model, $300; and the 32GB model, $400.

The New York Times reports that the new Nano sports a taller, all-metal case (harkening back to the second generation Nano) available in nine colors. It also has a curved glass screen and takes advantage of accelerometer technology; when the device is shaken, songs shuffle and when it is flipped sideways, the on-screen display appears in landscape mode (like on the iPhone and iPod Touch). The Times adds that capacity has also been increased—the 8GB model costs $150 and the 16GB model costs $200.

According to, the iPod classic will remain $250 but its capacity has been increased from 80GB to 120GB. The 160GB model has been dropped from the line.

The Times reports that iTunes 8 is also now available for download and features “Genius,” which, as is increasingly popular, recommends music based on what the user is listening to. NBC programs such as Heroes and The Office will return for purchase through iTunes. High definition TV shows will now be available costing $2.99 per episode—$1 more than standard definition episodes.  

Additionally, notes the report, Jobs announced that version 2.1 software updates for the iPhone and iPod Touch will be available for download beginning Sept. 12.

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