Toshiba Announces Candidate for Next President

According to a press release, Norio Sasaki has been nominated to succeed Atsutoshi Nishida as president and CEO of Toshiba. An Associated Press report says that Sasaki, an expert in nuclear energy, will officially take the position in June following approval at a shareholders meeting. Interestingly, the release provides personal information about Sasaki, saying that his hobbies include, “golf, riding mountain and racing bikes, and listening to jazz.” The full release is below.

Toshiba Annnounces Candidate for Next Candidate

Tokyo—The board of directors of Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO: 6502), meeting today, has nominated Mr. Norio Sasaki, Representative Executive Officer and Corporate Senior Executive Vice President of Toshiba, for the post of Representative Executive Officer and President and CEO of the Company. The next president will succeed Mr. Atsutoshi Nishida in June this year, and the appointment is subject to approval by the board meeting following the ordinary general meeting of the shareholders.

Today's nomination reflects the board's decision to accept the recommendation of Toshiba's Nominating Committee, which met earlier today.

The Nominating Committee received a submission from Mr. Nishida recommending Mr. Sasaki as his successor, and undertook a comprehensive assessment of Mr. Sasaki's record, achievements and personal qualities, and the reasons provided by Mr. Nishida for his recommendation. The Committee then decided to nominate Mr. Sasaki as a candidate for election as Toshiba's next president and CEO.

Concurrent with the election of the new president and CEO, Mr. Nishida will become Chairman of the Board of Toshiba Corporation in late June. The current Chairman, Mr. Tadashi Okamura, will become an Advisor to the Board.

Date of birth: June 1, 1949
Place of birth: Tokyo
Hobbies: Golf, riding mountainand racing bikes,
listening to jazz
Personal motto: Perseverance will open the way.

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