SlingCatcher Officially Available


According to Silicon Valley news source, Sling Media has officially released its SlingCatcher “universal media player for TV” after the company first announced its creation at the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show.

The SlingCatcher is the latest product aimed at merging computer and living room entertainment. According to a company press release, the SlingCatcher enables users to play online video content and personal content from PCs on their TVs. The SlingCatcher also works in conjunction with the company’s SlingBox, which is capable of streaming content (via Ethernet) from one TV to another TV connected to a SlingCatcher, allowing users to enjoy DVR, cable, or satellite content on multiple TVs without the need for additional custom cabling or subscription plans.

The release continues by saying that with the included SlingProjector software installed on a home PC, users are able to stream online videos—wirelessly and via Ethernet—directly to the SlingCatcher to be watched on the big screen.

The release adds that users can also attach an external hard drive or flash drive to the SlingCatcher so they can view stored photos and videos.


According to the release, operation requires that the SlingBox and SlingCatcher be connected to a home network (via an Ethernet connection, or powerline technology).

The release notes that the SlingCatcher offers a multiplicity of connectivity options including HDMI, component video, composite video, and S-Video outputs as well as digital and analog audio connectors.

The release adds that the SlingCatcher is available for $300 at retailers such as Best Buy and Fry’s Electronics or online at retailers including

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