Pioneer Introduces Satellite Radio Player

According to a press release, Pioneer is introducing the XMp3 player, a combination XM satellite radio/MP3 player.

The release continues by saying that the XMp3 has 2GB of internal storage and up to 8GB with an SD card. The player is able to record up to 10 hours of individual songs from XM live music channels. Additionally, users can record five channels at once and store up to 75 hours of sports, talk show, and commercial-free music programming. The XMp3 also has a DVR-like feature that automatically buffers the last 30 minutes of programming so users can fast-forward, rewind, and pause the content. 

The release continues by saying that with the included XM2go Music Manager software, users can store/manage their MP3 files and saved XM content. The player is the first to feature Program Guide, which displays every channel’s programs two weeks in advance. 

Sean Gibbons, vice president of product marketing for SIRIUS XM Radio, says in the release, “The XMp3 features a number of firsts, including multi-channel recording that ensures you always have fresh music content, sports games and your favorite shows at your fingertips. XMp3 maximizes the entertainment experience, allowing listeners to discover new music and exclusive content.  Another exciting benefit of this radio is that listeners can also expand their subscriptions to include ‘The Best of SIRIUS’ package.  With the XMp3 radio, your audio entertainment never stops.” 

The release adds that the XMp3 weighs 3.1 oz. and has a 2.5-inch color screen.

Pricing: $280

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