Peachtree Audio Unveils Nova Integrated Amplifier

According to a press release, Peactree Audio is introducing the Nova, a versatile digital integrated amplifier with a 6922 tube front-end. The Nova delivers 80wpc and has high-quality components, such as the new ESS Sabre DAC, and has a plethora of inputs. Check out the full release below for more information.

New Integrated for a new Millennium 

With so many using digital devices as their music source, the Nova is a smart, elegant integrated amp to start a simple, functional digital music system that won't be obsolete any time soon.

Just add a computer, like a Mac Mini or PC, a pair of speakers and a Peachtree Audio Nova. You'll have more music at your finger tips than you can listen to in a lifetime. Plus it will sound right, perhaps for the first time ever...

Many have or will have multiple components, so the Nova has all the inputs you'll ever likely need. Eight in-all.

You can use up to 5 digital devices like a Computer, Sonos, Squeezebox, Apple TV, Vudu, Wadia iTransport, plus more

Own a turntable? Just use a phono preamp and plug into one of the three analog inputs.  The Nova has an on-board 80wpc amplifier with a big toridal transformer able to deliver high-current to your speakers. It has control and finesse and will control of your speakers with grip, timing and pace and is the perfect center piece for any new  system..

Tube Pre-amp to pre, or not to pre...If you own an old "analog only" pre-amp, it may be time to consider the Nova. That's Right! You can use the Nova as a pre-amp, and it's a darn good one...

There are several things to consider when buying a pre-amp. It must be musical. It has to have the input and switching capabilities that you need
It should be future-proof. It should easily drive your amplifier(s).

The Nova does all of the above. We use a 6922 tube front-end as musicality is job one. So you don't run out of inputs before you run out of components, we give you a total of 8 inputs. 5 digital and 3 analog inputs.

All switching is discrete, so you can use the supplied remote, or your favorite learning remote.The preamp section is pure Class A with an impedance matching 30 ohm output, so if you ever need to run long cables, the Nova is up to the task. 

Most of all, the Nova is highly resolute and very musical. We're sorry to embarrass many of the less functioned, more expensive pre-amps out there, but we think you'll like our brand of "Musical"... even at the modest cost. I've been building my system for years and I just want to add a computer or other cool digital devices to it...        

Use the Nova as a top flight D/A converter If you already have a full system you love, but want to add a computer or add a digital device like Apple TV, Sonos, Squeezebox  or just to improve the digital components you already own like a CD player, add a Nova for the D/A section.

The Nova uses the new ESS Sabre DAC that takes jitter out of the picture. Infact, while some of the best and most expensive DAC's in the world claim a fairly low 20-50ps of jitter, the ESS takes jitter to an unheard measurement of less than 1ps. According to Stereophile and other respected publications, by in-large, the lowest jittered units were also the best sounding. In doing so, we have a S/N ratio of 122dB...

To augment the DAC, the Nova employs 11 regulated power supplies on the DAC board alone. The DAC is electrically isolated from the CPU or any other device that may interfere with its performance.  To eliminate problems like switching power-supply or CPU noise, every digital input is transformer coupled. 

And finally, the fixed output section is pure Class A  outputs, so the signal to your system is clean and involving. Throw in the tube and your system retains and even gains the magic we all love. 

In this configuration, the Nova is now a multi-switching, class A  tube switching D/A converter.

If you've never heard your computer with less than 1ps of jitter and up to 122s/n ratio, then you've never heard your computer. The Nova will make it sound like, or better than most high-end CD players on the market. Oh yeah, you'll never have to look for a CD again and if you feel like listening to internet raaaadio, you can choose between the 100,000 or so stations for free, with and without commercials.

Zones for people who want them to be musical 

There are many ways to get audio around the house. The typical way is a keypad, in-ceiling speakers and a multi-channel amplifier. While you do get the songs, it's anything but musical.

Don't get me wrong, I think systems like this are great in certain rooms like the laundry room, kitchen or bathroom. However, in rooms that you want you "music" to be "musical", like your bedroom or den this solution is not the best. In these important rooms, use a Nova with one of a number of great music bridges like the sonos, Apple TV or Squeezebox. Just add a pair of speakers and you have all of your music at the touch of a finger hooked up to a system that can make any of them sound like a top-end CD player.

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