New Element USB Interconnect From Atlas Cables

November 26, 2012 - Atlas Cables is proud to announce that, in response to customer demand and, following on from our extensive research carried out to develop the superior, Element High Speed HDM cable, we now have an advanced, ultra high performance USB offering for those who wish to connect the music on their computer to a USB DAC or digital media transport device.

Engineered to suit the specific task in hand – transferring a music stream from a computer USB connection to a converter – the Element cable uses Atlas’ proven technologies, tested materials, painstaking research, and thorough listening tests to deliver the finest performance the technology currently permits.

Our scrupulous testing indicated that the tiniest differences in construction could have an alarming effect upon the music signal after its conversion and that some of the worst results came from using “computer”-type leads, which are fine for their intended purpose: they will happily send Word documents or images to your printer – a not very demanding task – but they do not perform equally well when asked to send a music signal to a DAC.

Our cables feature Silver-plated wire, which, our tests show works very well in the digital domain –but, in our experience, not in the analogue domain. Similarly, our cables do all that is possible to eliminate jitter, the worst ‘enemy’ of digital signal transmission. Furthermore, they have been designed to reject interference in order to make your enjoyment of music the more exciting and captivating.

Available mid December 2012, the Atlas USB cables are available in A/B forms and A/B Mini. Lengths. 0.5 metre to 5 metre.


Retail prices including VAT:

0.5 metre - £35.00
1.0 metre - £37.50
1.5 metre - £42.50
2.0 metre - £47.50
3.0 metre - £57.50
5.0 metre - £77.50

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