Naim Announces Major Updates for All Server Products

May 14, 2012 – Dallas, TX – Naim have announced three updates for their HDX, UnitiServe, and NaimNet hard disc player/server products at the Munich High-End show: a new 2 TB hard drive is now standard on all non-SSD models, the n-Serve control app has been updated to allow for metadata manipulation, and there is a new software version available for download for all (non-2 TB) servers.


2 TB Hard Drive

All standard (non-SSD) models of Naim’s hard disc players: the HDX, UnitiServe, and NaimNet NS01, NS02, and NS03, have been updated to include a 2 TB hard drive, doubling the storage capacity to approximately 2,400 CD-quality albums. Previous models contained a 1 TB hard drive.

This new hard drive is partitioned to allow the user to store music obtained from other sources (such as hi-res downloads) directly on the server. A folder named “Downloads” is now available on the Naim server’s internal hard drive—the user need only drag and drop the music files of their choice from their computer to the server.

All non-SSD units shipped from this point forward will be the new 2 TB version. The US retail price of the new models are $3695 for the UnitiServe and $8195 for the HDX.

n-Serve Control App Update

Naim’s proprietary iOS control app, n-Serve, has received a free update that allows the user to manage their music directly from the app. The user can now edit metadata including album artwork, album name, artist, genre, and track name directly through the app’s interface.

With a direct link to AMG’s online database as well as Yahoo, Bing, and Google, the user also has the power to access videos, the latest news, and other information directly through the app, getting them more involved in their music than ever before!

The free update is available now through the App Store.

Software Version 1.6c Update

Independent of the release of the 2 TB servers, Naim have released a new software version for all 1 TB and SSD server products. The new software resolves some minor issues that were being reported by customers including:

• Erroneous folders and files created from problem rips are now removed automatically on reboot meaning the ripping process is faster and more efficient.
• A problem reported by a minority of customers when transferring files to a NAS drive has been resolved.

All 2 TB units shipped will have version 1.6c installed, while all other units will need to be updated to this latest version. The download is available on Naim’s website:

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