Monitor Audio Releases Airstream WS100 Wireless Multimedia Speaker System

February 2012 -- Monitor Audio's WS100 wireless multimedia speaker system produces exceptional sound in any room in the house.

If you're one of the millions who store and play music from a desktop, laptop or smart phone, Monitor Audio has designed the WS100 wireless audio system with you in mind. It comprises a pair of stylish cube speakers with amps and wireless receiver on-board. The matching, compact monitors, just 5" in dimension, are precision engineered to deliver clean wideband lossless audio from any computer in seconds. Simply position the speakers, plug-in the USB transmitter and play CD quality sound wire-free.

Universally Easy, Expertly Conceived

The WS100 speakers are built for listeners not network engineers. A wire-free connection to any computer - desktop or laptop, Mac or PC - is performed via the USB dongle transmitter supplied, which configures automatically without the need for further software.

Each active speaker has been optimised to deliver the best audio experience possible from such a space-efficient system. Excellent acoustic design is dovetailed with advanced wireless architecture to maintain a clear signal path from source to speaker free of the distortion that limits the enjoyment of music.

The WS100 monitors employ custom-designed tweeters and mid-bass drivers based on the C-CAM transducers used by Monitor Audio's flagship hi-fi speakers. C-CAM is our proprietary driver material, derived from the aerospace industry. It's extremely light, but also very rigid, and so is able to reproduce best-in-class highs and dynamic lows accurately and effortlessly.

A further crucial element in the WS100 chemistry is Monitor Audio's use of SKAA™ wireless transmission. Integrated with each DAC is a specialised wireless receiver, employing a very high quality digital audio protocol to transport audio from source to destination without compression. Operating in the 2.4GHz band, it protects the lossless signal from other networks with a patented Walking Frequency Diversity™ (WFD) technology, which uses sophisticated and seamless channel-hopping to eliminate clicks, pops and dropouts.

Plug and Play Everywhere

Built for peerless ease of use, the WS100 operates with plug and play simplicity. Power up the speakers with a single mains connection and plug the SKAA transmitter dongle in the nearest USB. When in range of the transmitter (up to 10 metres) as many as four WS100 systems will receive the same source. Further dongles will send pristine lossless audio from up to four sources to the same WS100 system.

The stylish WS100 remote, which is shaped to fit snugly in hand, will control power, play/pause, track up/down volume and input selection: the 3.5mm mini-jack input on the back of the WS100 will accept a wired connection from Apple iPhone®, iPod®, iPad® and other sound sources. Connect wirelessly with Apple devices through an additional ultra-compact dongle purchased separately. System volume may also be controlled from a touch panel on the side of the WS100.

Feel The Quality

Each WS100 speaker cube has a rigid die-cast metal shell and weighs a hefty 1.7 kg! Not only does this feel reassuringly luxurious, it adds no cabinet resonance to the sound. The matching contoured cubes are finished with scratch-resistant polished glass top panels to retain their classy lustre in any environment. And for the final design touch, a unique magnetic pivot system allows each speaker to be tilted backwards, ensuring great sound from shelf or table at any range.

Four decades of design knowhow give the WS100 system a specialised advantage, which rewards music lovers with fabulous lossless audio and robust reliability. 

Features and Specifications

  • Easy, Active, High Performance Wire-Free Speaker System.
  • Lossless CD audio quality.
  • Universal: operates with PC and Mac and any media player.
  • Remote control of volume, play/pause, track up/down.
  • Robust, die-cast metal enclosure with tilting action.
  • High quality C-CAM® metal cone drivers.
  • Bi-amplified 2-way speaker system. Total system power 60W.
  • Advanced DSP. Discrete, dedicated DACs.
  • Patented SKAA™ wireless system.
  • Noise-free music reproduction: no cross-talk, dropouts, clicks or pops.
  • Connect portables through a 3.5mm Auxiliary input jack.

MSRP: $399 ea
Availability: Now Shipping

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