Kaleidescape Mini System Now Available

According to a press release, Kaleidescape, based in Sunnyvale, CA, is announcing the availability of the Mini System, a multi-zone entertainment server that can store up to 225 DVDs or 2,500 CDs. The system offers a movie zone and two music zones, making it possible to play music in two rooms while a movie is simultaneously playing in another. The company is also announcing price reductions for the 1080p Player, the1080p Mini Player, and Disk Cartridges. Check out the full release below for more information.

Introducing the Kaleidescape Mini System: A Complete Multi-Zone Entertainment Server in a Compact and Affordable Package
Ideal for Retrofit Installations and Remodels

SUNNYVALE, CA, March 3, 2009 - Kaleidescape, Inc., the market leader in entertainment servers, today announced availability of the Kaleidescape Mini System, an innovative product that puts your entire collection of movies and music at your fingertips. The Mini System is the first Kaleidescape product to integrate a complete multi-zone Kaleidescape System into a single component, and the first to include a remote control. Its elegant industrial design is beautifully suited for a living room, and it installs as easily as an ordinary DVD player. Priced about 40% less than the current Kaleidescape System, the Mini System is affordable and well-suited for a variety of projects.

The Mini System can be expanded by adding Players so you can enjoy your entertainment collection in other rooms of your home, by adding Servers to accommodate your growing collection, or by adding other Mini Systems to do both. The Mini System has a movie zone and two additional built-in music zones to provide “whole-house entertainment” out-of-the-box. Significant price reductions are also being announced today for the 1080p Player, 1080p Mini Player, and Disk Cartridges for the 1U, 3U and 5U Servers.

Browsing your collection on a Mini System is simple and rewarding. With the press of a button, your movies or music are sorted by title, actor, artist, director, genre, year-of-release or run time. Kaleidescape’s Movie and Music Guide Services automatically cross-reference your entertainment collection to help you rediscover your favorites and share them with family and friends. High-resolution cover art provides an endless panorama to help you quickly identify the movies and music that are “just right” for the occasion.

“The Kaleidescape Experience makes choosing a movie, television show, or album interesting and fun for the entire family,” said Michael Malcolm, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Kaleidescape, Inc. “The frustration of rummaging through discs and mediating between siblings is replaced by leaning back and enjoying your entire entertainment collection with your family. Our customers spend more time being entertained, and ultimately derive more value from the DVDs and CDs they already own.”

“The Kaleidescape Mini System installs quickly and easily, without the need for structured wiring and complex control system programming,” said Brian Hudkins, President of Gramophone, a leading home theater installer in Maryland for over 30 years. “It’s a perfect and complete entertainment solution at a price point that is well within the budget for most of the projects we deliver.”

The Mini System is available immediately at a manufacturer’s suggested retail price starting at $7,995 in the United States, and includes a standard one-year limited warranty. Price reductions on the 1080p Player,

1080p Mini Player and Disk Cartridges for the 1U, 3U and 5U Servers are effective March 16, 2009, and their new MSRPs in the United States are $2,995, $1,995 and $995 respectively.

Key Features
Stores Up To 225 DVDs or 2,500 CDs
The base Mini System stores up to 75 DVDs or 825 CDs and can be expanded by adding Disk Cartridges to store up to 225 DVDs or 2,500 CDs, or any equivalent combination.
Content stored on a Mini System is protected by Kaleidescape’s RAID-K technology, and need not be re-imported if a hard disk drive fails.

Stunning 1080p Output
The Mini System creates beautiful high-definition output from DVDs, providing a viewing experience that rivals Blu-ray. The Mini System adapts its video processing to the type of content being viewed, and its 10-bit 4:4:4 color processing renders accurate colors, natural skin tones and nuanced shadows. Motion adaptive deinterlacing produces crystal clear video with smooth motion.

Two Additional Music Zones
Along with the 1080p movie zone, the Mini System includes two more independent music zones so that a movie can be watched in one room while music is enjoyed in other parts of the home.

DVD/CD Playback from Disc
A DVD or CD need not be imported into a Mini System in order to enjoy it with the Kaleidescape Experience. High resolution cover art and other details are displayed whenever a DVD is inserted. Select Play to directly start the movie or television show without trailers and advertisements – even for rented DVDs!


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Dear AVGuide.com:
I just read your review of the new Kaleidescape Mini System and where you say "The Mini System creates beautiful high-definition output from DVDs, providing a viewing experience that rivals Blu-ray". Huh?? 
I don't care how much signal processing you induce you can only make an originally transferred 480i video or 24 fps film transfer signal marginally better through computer software that upgrades a signal to 1080i, and that really applies to compressed audio on regular DVD.  Are you saying this new system can equate to full, original 1080i video and the new Blu-ray loss-less Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD audio bandwidths??  A Dolby TrueHD bitstream can carry up to 14 discrete sound channels and have sample depths up to 24 bits/sample and audio sample rates up to 192 kHz.  And the DTS-HD has a similar codec performance rate.  So what you say is ridiculous, and if  true, why even bother to buy or upgrade to Blu-ray?  I expect a little more intellectual challenge from an AV review source than this drivel. You guys just took a major credibility hit in my book.
Also it's somewhat disconcerting that a new technology box would come out in this day and age and not have full HD built into the architecture from the beginning.  Talk about myopic!


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