Hegel Music Systems Brings Impeccable Audio To Canada

Montreal, Canada, March 15th, 2012 – HEGEL Music Systems, world-renowned for high-performance audio electronics, brings their elite line to Canada. The official kick-off will be at the Montreal – Salon Son & Image on March 22nd 2012.


Bent Holter – Founder and Visionary

Founded in Norway in 1988 by chief designer, Bent Holter, HEGEL has been among the top tier of European audio electronics for 2 decades. For the past 13 years, HEGEL has been shipped world-wide.

Asked why he decided to invest his vaunted HEGEL brand in Canada at this time, Holter replied: “Many of today’s ‘high-end” brands are OEM’d from a few common sources. Innovation has been supplanted by expedience. Over the past 20 years HEGEL has developed and patented breakthrough technology that sets us apart from our competitors. This innovation gives HEGEL an identity and a distinct edge over brands whose products are often only distinguished by their faceplate.”

“The success we have had with our introduction in the USA has inspired us to do the same thing in Canada. We wanted to build a stronger and bigger North American team and also launch Hegel with full force in the Canadian market.”

Holter further observed: ““With HEGEL’s patented SoundEngine technology, we use adaptive feed-forward instead of feedback. The result is vastly reduced distortion, while actually increasing damping factor.”


Richard Kohlruss – Canadian National Sales Manager

Heading Canadian operations will be Richard Kohlruss. Richard has previously represented Hegel as a distributor in Canada. But will now represent Hegel as a company, with Hegel running marketing, warranty, warehousing and sales in Canada. Kohlruss has experience building brands from inception to prominence in the Canadian market.

Richard will join forces with Anders Ertzeid, of HEGEL Music Systems in Norway and Eileen Gosvig, of HEGEL Music Systems USA, to build distribution and marketing of HEGEL in the Canadian market.


Resources in Canada

All HEGEL products will be warehoused in Montreal Canada, for immediate shipment. Marketing, technical support and service will also be handled locally in Montreal.

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