Bluebird Announces New Van den Hul USB Ultimate Cable

November 9, 2012 - As an increasing number of streaming audio products, using USB A to B cables, are coming to market VDH has looked into how these signals can be influenced and how the construction of a cable could be optimized to get the best result possible.

The outcome is the new USB Ultimate cable. The USB Ultimate features some unique ideas resulting in superior performance and value.

For starters, the signal wires are extremely heavy plated silver over OFC. As digital signals tend to go to the outside of the cable (the so called skin-effect) the dense very pure silver plating is in effect carrying the signal from source to receiver. Next, the signal conducting wires are kept as far away from the power lines as possible. The flat construction of the cable delivers the best possible performance over the maximum distance.

Finally, Van den Hul's patented Hulliflex jacket provides a long lasting protective environment virtually eliminating oxidation which harms the sonic performance of wire. This means, when protected by Hulliflex, the sound of of your cables will not deteriorate over time.

This, and a few other proprietary ingredients, make the VDH USB ULTIMATE one of the very best USB audio cables available today. Retail price is $599.

For more info or details or an evaluation please call Bluebird Music at 416-638-8207 or email jrein [at] bluebirdmusic [dot] com

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