Baetis Audio Announces The New Baetis XR2 Media Computer

Baetis® Audio, maker of the Revolution II audiophile media computer, announces the new XR2™, designed for the most discriminating home theater rooms.  The XR2 has all of the audiophile features of our Revolution II, including the industry’s only galvanically isolated, dedicated two-channel SPDIF digital output, plus a specially designed hybrid cooling system.  It is the very best platform for ripping and playing large 30G Blu-ray files.  Even if you are an audiophile-only with no desire to have a large monitor in your listening room, it is high time you audition some of the very best 24-bit music out there in the form of ripped Blu-ray concerts.



But the XR2’s focus is as much on video quality as it is on audio quality, so it utilizes the latest 4th generation Core i7 CPU with the latest Intel HD Graphics for the finest in video reproduction.  Like the Revolution, the XR2 rips CDs, DVDs, DVD-A, Blu-ray discs, etc.  Like the Revolution, the XR2 streams the digital signal from RAM thereby improving audio quality over that of the highest-end disc players.  And all of our media computers can also stream native DSD (downloaded or via professionally ripped SACDs) via the preconfigured JRiver® Media Center software, or, if your DAC does not handle native DSD, JRiver can transcode the DSD file to PCM to be streamed to the world’s best PCM DACs or pre/pros.


The XR2 is designed to play JRiver Red October HQ video without artifacts in full screen mode, utilizing high-definition projection screens in excess of 100” diagonal size.  Also, unlike most “music” servers, the XR2 has two separate HDMI outputs.  This design is necessary in order to handle cases where an otherwise world-class pre/pro does a less than stellar job of separating out audio from the digital HDMI video stream.  In these cases, we send video-only via HDMI straight to the monitor, projector, or video processor, while sending multi-channel audio via HDMI separately to the pre/pro for digital-to-analog audio conversion.  The resulting improvement in audio and video quality is quite significant.


To handle the capabilities of the XR2 we designed a special hybrid cooling system that uses both heat pipes and a large, slow-moving fan to keep internal temperatures well below that of competing products – all the while generating no sound above that of the audio system on standby.  See the new Baetis XR2 today -- $4,995 in black or silver (with a special introductory price of $4,495).  Measured in terms of the costs of its components plus the cost of building the XR2 here in the U.S., this is one of the very best value/price ratios in the high-end A/V industry.  And our best-in-class 1-year of telephone customer support coupled with “remote desktop control” seals the deal.  Visit our website at to learn more.

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