Baetis Audio Announces New Baetis HT

November 16, 2012 - Baetis Audio, makers of the Baetis Revolution™ media server, are pleased to announce the new Baetis HT™ -- the most accessible audiophile-quality media server. We have received many requests for a server that is less fully-featured than our Revolution model. The new HT has our industry-leading quietness, with our specially milled fans and heat-sink, which make it as quiet as fan-less machines (we have the tests to prove it). And it uses the very same motherboard and CPU as the Revolution, plus the best audio and video software in the market – JRiver’s Media Center. It is missing certain digital noise filters and our industry-best isolated and dedicated S/PDIF-BNC output on the chassis. All other digital outputs, including HDMI for multi-channel, Toslink and RCA S/PDIF, and USB outputs are protected, like our Revolution, with EMI-reduction material.

With a smaller SSD and a shorter telephone-support period, the HT may be just the ticket for an audiophile or videophile looking for a server to rip, store, and bit-stream all forms of media – including ripped blu-ray discs, hi-def 2-channel downloads, and DSD media – to a quality receiver within his or her Home Theater room. For the 2-channel audiophile on a budget, the HT may also be perfect for use with a good quality 2-channel DAC in a more modest stereo system.

Both Baetis models can rip, store, and play, with or without digital-signal-processing (DSP), more types of media than any of the “music” servers, and with significantly better audio and video quality. Uncompressed streaming to other rooms, and control via an Android/iOS tablet, are similar to those expensive whole-house servers, but the audio quality is much better. The HT can handle, without DSP if you desire, bit-depths up to 64-bits and resampling rates up to 384khz. Our blu-ray capable optical drives, coupled with software that the consumer can legally download and install, can rip 30G blu-ray concerts and movies as well as DVDs and CDs.

Both of our models maximize isolation of the critical A/V outputs by placing the external power supply and the storage drives outside of the chassis. The HT, like the Revolution, comes with a 1.5T USB3.0 external drive that is virtually silent. External drives directly attached can total 12T, and, as well, unlimited Network-Attached-Storage may be used.

Go to our website – – to see the new HT, and, if you haven’t done so already, read our brochure/white paper on the development of the Revolution line of servers. The new HT comes just in time for the Holidays, but get in line, since we will always build our machines one at a time, with our required burn-in and testing period, right here in the U.S.A. Price is $1895, internet only, without optional upgrades.

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