Baetis Audio Adds 2 Upgrades To Flagship Media Server

October 9, 2012 - Baetis Audio, maker of the Baetis™ Revolution Media Server, is pleased to announce two more upgrades to its unique audiophile computer. The Baetis server is the most complete media server out there, with the ability to rip, store, and bit-stream (without DSP if you desire) more types of media, including blu-ray concerts, than any other server. And the Baetis does these jobs while i) remaining as silent as fan-less music computers, and ii) providing highest quality audiophile streaming such as through our dedicated BNC-coaxial digital S/PDIF output with its own isolation transformer, coming directly from the motherboard rather than through a separate sound card.

First, we have upgraded our external power supply unit (PSU) with a new version that generates almost twice the amperage but with 75% less ripple/noise (10mV P-P). This not only improves sound quality but also allows the user to, say, rip a blu-ray disc while simultaneously playing another blu-ray concert. Additionally, the new AC/DC converter connects to the computer’s chassis with a 4-pin mini-din connector, which is more stable than the earlier barrel connector. Also, the new 4-pin connection allows the user to upgrade the PSU, if he/she desires, to some of the world’s very best switch-mode or linear PSUs, without further modification. The new PSU also allows the owner to use the highest quality AC power cables with the PSU, without the need for an adapter.

Second, we now employ proprietary EMI-reduction material in the construction of the Baetis server. This material absorbs and diffuses electro-magnetic interference in order protect the crucial audio and video outputs/inputs, including the RCA and BNC S/PDIF, Toslink, HDMI, and USB ports. In high-end audio, everything matters, and it is the accumulation of small improvements that allows us to maintain the claim that our servers sound the best.

John Mingo, Baetis managing director, says, “We view our Revolution server now as complete (stable) in its development. Nevertheless we will continue to search for improvements. Our policy is to offer any or all upgrades to any of our clients at our cost. This is a much more liberal upgrade policy than percentage trade-in programs. And it is especially important in the digital audio arena where new achievements can occur at a fast pace. With this policy, the audiophile need not worry about his server becoming obsolete in a few years. We simply won’t let it happen.”

Join Baetis at the Rocky Mountain AudioFest in Denver, October 12-14. We are in Room 422 with Teresonic, makers of some of the very finest Class A tube amps, single-driver speakers, and highest quality analog and digital interconnects. Hear and see how well a marriage of the cutting-edge digital world with the best in tube-based audio can perform.

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